Monday, October 5, 2009

Where is the Love??

Today, I am not sharing anything that feels good or beautiful to the eyes but I am trying to show a harsh reality that the street dogs of Kathmandu faces in one way or the other.

Everyday, I see little calf separated from their mother just because it would drink its mothers milk that the humans can sell and earn some money from it. Everyday I see old cows throw away into the busy hustle and bustle of the street because it would stop giving milk. Everyday I see harmless dogs lying on a corner being kicked by humans for no reason at all Is there any humanity left inside us? Is this why human civilization have reached its peak so that we can treat those poor, weak and helpless animals like they feel no pain??

The picture I am sharing here is of a dog that I used to see everyday along the side of the road waiting for death which came slowly killing it every second of its life. She was in awful lot of pain, hungry with no shelter and maggots crawling all over its body and if she was a human, would've killed herself not being able to tolerate the amount pain she was going through every single day.

I saw her for couple of days hoping somebody from the community would help the dog but nobody stood up for the poor thing. Finally I decided something was to be done for this dog. One evening I was returning home from office when I saw her lying at a corner of a street and I was so depressed with the situation she was going through. My wife knew what I felt that evening and she told me that we should go and put some medicines on the would. We bought some "betadine" and "nesporine" powder. But when I saw the dog it was much worse than what it actually seemed. with maggots crawling all over its body. I felt it needed instant medical assistance and decided it was useless waiting and expecting for anybody to help. I called Lucia who is also a founder of Animal Nepal that works for animal rights. She then sent me a number of Andreas, who I believe works to help such street animal and I sent her a message about the situation.

It was 10pm already and I was thinking about the dog when I got a call from "Kate", who works with Andrea and she informed me that she would come to pick the dog up in 7 am in the morning.

In the morning I was up at 6 and went searching for the dog and praying I would find it . Luckily, she was lying there beside the road and all soaked up due to the heavy rain last night. I immediately called Kate and asked her. She said she would come in a taxi to receive the dog. We met at around 8 and Kat was the one who took the dog with three other dogs from Baudha in similar situation to the veterinary clinic.

At Kathmandu Vetenary Clinic, in Chakapath, I had no hope this dog would survive but the doctor there said she would. Now she is undergoing treatment and hopefully she will live. Kate asked me what I would like to name the dog since I found it, I replied instantly "Lucky". Because she is indeed "lucky" to have found someone like Kate to help her. But some street animals in Nepal face worse situation and die every seconds of their life "SLOWLY".

When will we stand up and do something for such street animals that suffer and when will the government wake up from its "cockfight" and start thinking about such animals? I am proud to be a Nepali but I am feel ashamed when I say there is no animal rights in Nepal. How can we call ourselves human if we cannot display a pinch of humanity to the speechless and poor animals?

There are handful of organization that works to help these poor animals but that is not enough. Everyone should join hands to try and help this poor and suffering animal because pain is always a pain.. whether it is us or these animals and we can only call ourselves human if we can understand their pain and it is only the matter of time and fate. Tomorrow, we might be going through the same situation wishing somebody would understand what we are going through.

6th October: 7:40 pm: I received a phone call from Kate saying Lucky died. For a moment I did not know what do say except feel sorry. Sorry because I should have done something as soon as I saw Lucky.

Next day I received as email from Kate:

Dear Mingma,

Thank you for referring me to your blog site and for taking the photos.

I am so sorry the dog died. Though the vets thought she should survive, she remained very passive, taking only water when I brought her back. She wouldn't eat Sunday mid-day, nor in the evening when I tried to feed her again. Then Monday morning when I went to pick her up, she was dead. She is now buried in our garden.

Anyway, we don't give up. And I expect a call from you whenever you meet a dog in trouble.

I think your blog item is so good, and certainly worthy of being published, if you agree. And maybe in Nepali also? Let's talk about it.

I look forward to meeting you soon - please let me know when it's suitable.

Kind regards,

I was hoping I could update this story with the recovery of Lucky but sadly.. the story of Lucky comes to and end..!!